Cybercrime is becoming part and parcel of everyday life, so here we explain the possible problems you may face and how you can protect yourself from the fraudsters.

Uganda Motors takes security very seriously and is committed to protecting you when you use our products and services.

However, we cannot guarantee any security from cyber fraudsters if you’re unable to protect yourself.

As online crime – or cybercrime becomes almost part and parcel of our everyday life, criminals operating online are constantly looking for new ways to access personal information and money. Fraudsters commonly use ‘phishing’ messages to access your personal details and account information, so you have to be vigilant.

Please note that; Uganda Motors will never ask for your login details in an email or text message. You should keep such information private, and never share it with anyone.

When you place an advert on Uganda Motors Auto Marketplace, your phone number or email address are not displayed unless you’re a dealer. Interested customers can only send you an email.

Not only does this service help protect against scammers, it also helps protect customers from nuisance callers and canvassers.

Measures to protect yourself against scammers and Fraudsters

Fraudsters will send phishing emails in an attempt to access your personal information and login details, such as your username, passwords or financial information.

Such an email can be hard to spot, but it may well look like it has come from Uganda Motors and ask you to confirm your login details via a link in an email. The link will take you to a fraudulent website page that looks like the Uganda Motors website; and, if you enter your login information here, a fraudster will have access to your online accounts.

So, as a precaution – never click on links in any emails that are purported to be coming from Uganda Motors and asking for login details, because we will never send you an email or SMS asking for your login details.

SMiShing: Short for “SMS phishing”, SMiShing is a security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading some type of ‘malware’ (malicious software) onto their phone or mobile device via a text message. The message – which will appears to be from Uganda Motors or may be sent as an enquiry about your vehicle – will redirect you to a false login or sign-in page, where you will be asked to enter your username and password, and from where the fraudsters can access your details. Please never fall to this scam – be vigilant.

We never ask our customers to log into their accounts. If you can’t see a GREEN PADLOCK in the browser window of, then don’t login.

Best practice on how to avoid fraud.

There are many ways through which you can try and safeguard yourself against the kind of attacks listed above, but most importantly:

  • Never disclose your account details to anyone
  • Ensure your password is strong by using a combination of letters and digits, including upper and lower case
  • Change your password regularly and do not use the same passwords for all your online accounts
  • Always use our PROTECTED browser on the webpage displaying a green padlock to log into your account.
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