Never let your car go until you are satisfied with what is being offered

Selling a used car in Uganda is not a joy ride but with a few tips highlighted below it should be easier than it normally is.

When thinking about selling your car, the first thing you will want to consider is its worth. There are a variety of sources you can use to check the approximate worth of your car, e.g. car bonds, brokers, friends and online. Car advertisements will also give you an idea of how much similar, new or out the bond cars are going for.

Selling used cars on Uganda Motors marketplace

Decide if you are going to swap your car for a new one or if you want to sell it outright. Swapping a car for another is becoming a popular trend in Uganda. This is when you hand in your old car, add some cash and get a car of choice. This route is cheaper than outright purchase and is preferred by brokers especially if you are selling a popular car such as the Toyota Harrier, Prado, Spacio, and Premio.

It is advisable that you have the car’s registration documents or copies with you at all times. This is a good indicator that the car has not been stolen or has a list of problems such as debtors associated with it. If you have lost the original documents, you can always do a re-print online via the Uganda Revenue Authority website.

Private sale
If you sell the car yourself, you shall almost certainly receive more money for it. A broker has to be confident that he will be able to sell it for a profit, so he is likely to offer you less than what it is actually worth. Think about whether you need to sell the car quickly or whether you have the time and inclination to field lots of phone calls and views from potential buyers.

Clean car
Clean your car and get it into the best possible shape, both inside and out. “When people come to look at your car, they will probably make up their mind to buy or not within the first few seconds.
Make sure it is washed, is both mechanically sound and free from huge dents. Consider making low-cost repairs yourself rather than selling it “as is.” Shovel out all the rubbish from the inside of the car,” he says. If the car needs servicing or even a routine oil change, take care of that before putting it up for sale.

Emphasise best features
Always remember to mention any extras that will be popular with potential buyers, such as maintenance parts availability, low fuel consumption, in-car entertainment system and new tyres, among others. If it has not done much mileage, say so. Consider whether it is a particularly reliable car. “If you are stuck, try to think what attracted you to the car when you bought it, chances are, it will be the same things that make it attractive now. If the car is no longer in daily use, make sure you take it for a drive on a regular basis. You do not want to have any trouble getting it to start when you have got a prospective buyer ready to take it for a test drive.

It is best to always have an absolute fixed price in mind below which you can not sell your car, and stick to it. You may have to haggle furiously, but never go below what you really want. When it comes to payment, cash is always best although a down payment is a reasonable alternative. Depending on who you are dealing with, it is also perfectly fine to hand over the car but not legally transfer documents until the final payment is done.

Sale agreement
“The sale agreement should include the name and contacts of seller, name and contacts of buyer, sale amount, payment terms, AS IS nature of car, sale date, name and contact of witness and other indemnity clauses such as the buyer having inspected the car to their satisfaction and buyer is not in any way liable for any repairs or breakdowns after the car sale date,” he says.

Test drive
It is a common practice for potential buyers to want to test-drive the car. “Ride along with them so that you answer any questions about the car’s history and performance. Always keep the car keys with you and never leave the buyer alone in the car especially if you don’t know them.

When prospective buyers contact you, use your intuition to evaluate them. If they seem difficult, pushy or even shady, wait for another buyer. With the right person, selling a used car should be simple.

If you wish to sell your car easily, then you can post it on Uganda Motors Auto-Marketplace